Anti-Corrosive Oil

Anti-corrosive Oil

The efficient temporary conservation for every metal surface

High-grade additives provide effective corrosion protection. Our Oils are flowing into the smalles gaps because of the excellent creeping.


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Rumler WR100

skin kindness and very good biodegradable

The WR100 offers a very good corrosion protection and is used as a passivation- and corrosionadditive in water-based media for metal materials, e.g. as an additive for the ultrasonic inspection in water quenchs and as an corrosion protection in wet blasting plants. The MB100 can be used with non-ferrous heavy metal, it is odourless, can be combined with VCI materials, it is skin kindness and very good biodegradable.

Rumler WR250

Corrosion protection with dewatering effect

The WR250 is an established corrosion protection for the conserving of metal part which are scheduled for upto to 6 month of storage. It appeals because of its very good protective qualities also in very thin layers, the high efficiency and it is ease to remove.